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Hemangi Sahare - Founder of Soul Sugar Bakery and Patisserie from Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.

                Q1. What inspired you to get into the food industry? ​I have always had an affinity toward food and how it's made.  Also...


Q1. What inspired you to get into the food industry?

​I have always had an affinity toward food and how it's made.  Also, ​I have a huge sweet tooth, which lead me to start my journey exploring cooking and baking at a young age, later post my engineering degree and work experience, I realised that food is my true calling and I made a career switch to start my own business in the food industry.

Q2. Kindly share some information about your business.

​We are a bakery specialising in customized cakes and desserts for your milestone celebrations like birthdays, engagements, weddings, anniversaries, office celebrations, or any other occasion. We focus on looking at delicious tasting cakes to Wow you on your special days.

Q3. What is your Unique Selling Point(USP)?

The combination of great-looking and great-tasting cakes. Our end-to-end services including safe delivery and handling as well as our efforts to customize cakes perfectly according to our clients are our USP.

Q4. How long have you been in the food/restaurant business?

I have an experience of 9 years overall in the food industry and 6.5 years running my business.

Q5. What are the challenges that you faced while starting/doing this business?

A lot of challenges, firstly capital to start, getting clients, demanding clients, mishaps during delivery, getting the right team, and maintaining consistency. Business always throws challenges but slowly you become better at handling them and figuring them out! Ultimately if your work is of good quality, clients will love and support you and recommend you, so focus on providing the best quality and service which you can.

Q6. Any advice you would like to give to the upcoming restaurant/food business owners.

Make sure that your basics are correct and your food is good quality and then you slowly need to add new things and improvements. Don’t just focus on the business more or before you get the main thing - food- right, if it’s great, it’ll do its own marketing and whatever additional effort you put will reap great rewards.

Q7. Quiz:

a. What is the most unique dish that you have had so far?

I had a rose mousse based dessert once, I wasn't a fan of rose flavour in desserts before that..but the way this mousse was made and the subtlety of the rose flavor, it made me change my mind and I realized that maybe we don't like some things because we haven't had the best versions of it yet!

b. Are you a foodie?

Yes totally. I always was and always will be.

c. What is your favorite cuisine?

Mediterranean cuisine, because it’s wholesome, immensely flavourful and relatively healthy.

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Interviewed by : Neha Sawant - Lifestyles Influencer from Mumbai, India

Referred by: Bharat Jethani - Business Coach & Relationship Marketing Expert from Mumbai, India.

Neha is student of Yogesh MA's InfluencerThonDigital Influencers Academy.

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