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Adil Potrick - Founder Director - Spice Burst Restaurant from Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Q1. What inspired you to get into the food industry? That day was my parent’s 20th anniversary and we all had gone to one of the  restaurant...

Q1. What inspired you to get into the food industry?

That day was my parent’s 20th anniversary and we all had gone to one of the restaurant at Kuwait for a family dinner. Those were the days when I was in my late school days and was about to enter in collage to purse my further studies. I was very much impressed with the level of service we got during our family dinner and the delicious food which was served to us, the over all experience was very memorable to us and that inspired me to get into food industry with a simple thought of delivering similar experience which can bring smile to the people with my food and services.

Q2. Kindly share some information about your business.

I am running a restaurant named Spice Burst which is specialized in Chinese cuisine. It's been a year now and we are targeting to open more outlets in the coming year. I am also planing to establish my dream assignment to start up Turkish cuisine.

Q3. What is your Unique Selling Point (USP)?

We focus on providing tasty yet healthy food to our clients. Our food is cooked under strict hygiene supervision. Our menu keeps on changing as per our client wish and requirements. We avoid using food colour and Monosodium which is harmful for a person’s health.

Q4. How long have you been in the food/restaurant business?

I passed out in the year 2007, since then it’s been 14 years working for 5star Hotels in different countries and getting experience in all areas of food and beverage industry.

Q5. What are the challenges that you faced while starting/doing this business?

If you’re willing to start a business, there will be many challenges which we have to face. It’s a competitive world and we have to be unique and better than others. I faced challenges when I had to prepare a menu which is different and better then my competitors and offering it in an affordable price to my clients. we had to come up with changes in our menu and service in regular intervals to be in market, if we had sell same service for longer period then we may had lose our credibility.

Q6. Any advice you would like to give to the upcoming restaurant/food business owners.

My advice to the upcoming business owners would be if you are starting up a restaurant or a food business then there should be a proper research of the market and customers of that specific area. There should be a plan to deal with any financial emergency and lastly marketing is something which should be done right away to start building a reputation for a business in your area.

Q7. Quiz:

a. What is the most unique dish that you have had so far?

When I was in UK I had eaten a chicken tandoori in a restaurant which was the best ever Chicken tandoori ever in my life.

b. Are you a foodie?

Absolutely Yes…!

c. What is your favourite cuisine?

My favourite cuisine is Turkish, Lebanese and Pizza.

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Interviewed by : Neha Sawant - Lifestyle Influencer from Mumbai, India

Published by : Khushboo Chotaliya - Influencer & Co-Founder of Sanskari Decor from Mumbai, India

Both Neha & Khushboo are also students of Digital Influencers Academy.

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